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Coming home to Sound Lab (Read 302 times)
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Coming home to Sound Lab
Jun 2nd, 2017 at 6:35am
After an eighteen year absence, I finally have another (my sixth!) pair of Sound Labs on order.  I started with a pair of A1s with a B1 Stereo Subwoofer in the mid 80's, then to a second pair of A1s with the wings, next a pair Pristine lls, finally a last pair of A1s and a pair of mini stats.  I felt the tonality of the Sound Labs was superior to anything that I had heard, but with repeated reliability problems I could no longer bear disassembling the cores, driving an hour and a half to the nearest airport with large enough jets to accept them, etc etc. Also, marriage and three children in four years discourages giant audio outlays.  Now the children are teenagers and SLs have evolved with PX panels and bass focus, and I am looking forward to a pair of 545s which hopefully will not dominate the room the way A1s do.  Although I have been the whole tube/OTL route, I will not go down that road again, living in Florida and with little tolerance for fiddling, so I will be using a pair of Bryston 7B3 for lots of power and a PS Audio BHK/DSMP/DSD front end.  Really looking forward to that Sound Lab sound in a smaller package.


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