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FS: Sony HAP-Z1ES (Read 413 times)
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Mar 26th, 2018 at 4:05pm
FS: Sony HAP-Z1ES. Excellent condition, comes with a library. Streams Tidal. New: $1,999.99. asking $1275.
Original shipping cartons.
PayPal add 3%
Shipping in lower 48 included.

"The Sony HAP-Z1ES. It removes the computer from the playback chain while offering stunning sound and lots of storage in a single, high-performance component. Itís also compatible with high-resolution music files, for sound quality that eclipses CDs.

Sony HAP-Z1ES high-resolution file player | Stereophile.com
May 2, 2014 - Even though Sony had provided only a dozen free tracks on the HAP-Z1ES's 1TB drive, I decided not to upload my own library to the review sample. Instead, I took advantage of another important feature of the HAP-Z1ES, which permits the connection of additional storage via USB. First, I plugged a ...
Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player | The Absolute Sound
Feb 14, 2014 - But most users will probably want to use Sony's new dedicated app with the HAP- Z1ES. My review sample came with a Sony Xperia tablet that had the HAP app already installed. By the time you read this review Sony will have versions available for IOS and Android devices. I'll tell you more about the app ...
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