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In my country system with the U-1PX speakers, I do use the Teo cables. When I introduced them some 4-5 years ago, I experienced a major improvement over what I had been using. The 20+ year old MIT cables they replaced are now in my city system with the U-545PX speakers, and are still delivering much delight. If I were willing to spend the crazy stupid $’s to have another set of Teo cables, I have no doubt I would be delighted with the improvement. But, I am a music lover more than an audiophile who is constantly seeking the next “high”. My systems are already highly evolved and deliver pure musical delight. Sound Labs are extremely revealing and will reward one with better sound every time you make a positive move. But at some point, I believe one needs to step back from the chase, and simply enjoy the music!

My IC’s are all balanced and about 20 years old. I believe balanced cables are not nearly as subject to the very noticeable differences one experiences with single ended IC’s. Thus, I have not explored this rabbit hole in many years.

Rather than recommend I prefer to suggest you try different cables for yourself, and then decide (within your budget) what pleases you.

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