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    It isn’t so much wait 5 years to change DACs, but the only think I may change within 5 years, as I’m very happy with my pre, amp, and soundlabs. I thought that before I heard the Bricasti M21 in my system for 2 days. My love for M21 was immediate and continued throughout the weekend. I was most surprised that when I replaced my Yggy back in the system, I was still happy with the sound, I didn’t feel an immediate need to replace the DAC.

    You’ve gone through several tube DACs, I can understand the desire to leave tubes. I’m surprised DCS was the choice after tubes, as several reviews imply the sound is very detailed, though kind of sterile sounding. This is essentially the opposite of what I envision the tube DACs provide.

    Do you remember enough about the Bricasti you heard to compare it to your DCS Rossini? Now I want to hear the DCS.