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    Thanks. I’ve wanted to hear the atmasphere amps also, mostly due to all the good things i keep hearing about them. Though I’m happy with my Pass amps and don’t want to start dealing with tubes.
    I understand all the variablility and how difficult it is to hear a component in unknown systems. I started the audio journey with headphones. Headphone meets really helped with listening to components and the added benefit of our systems are relatively light and portable, thus when I first heard the Yggy DAC on a system, it sounded special, though I also could easily bring my headphones in to remove a variable and then I asked if I could bring my amp into the system to compare and I was allowed. Thus a fairly direct comparison.

    My personal history is that I’m a trained research chemist, therefore I feel like I need to research everything. There are very few comparisons of Bricasti DACs (particularly the M21 that I loved) to other high end DACs. Last year i heard Bricasti M3h without the MDX upgrade and this year the same DAC with the MDX upgrade and it made a huge difference, from I liked the M3h better than Yggy on one song to it is an upgrade to the Yggy, much more detail and better presentation of mids (I love female vocals and strings). The M21 just makes the M3h sound like a crappy version of itself, no where near as much detail in all freq ranges, and without the magic in female vocals and strings.