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    Hi Steve,
    okay i get it you don’t understand. I’m clarifying the .7 placing.
    If your ​facing​ the SLabs front ​grills, the ​lefts​ ​left edge and rights right edge are to be positioned at .7 of the rooms width. which you have correctly calculated.
    The optimum listening space STARTS .3 of the rooms length from the imaginary line (.7 measurement ) drawn between the speakers and continues to the rear wall.(your 6 ft from .7 line is correct)
    Yes the speaker is located on a 30° line coming off L+R walls. The speaker should be placed on this 30° line (maintaining .7 distance) so the back wave reflects off the side wall 1st, then reflects off the front wall reflecting into the listening area.
    A microphone on a stage, in a room, will capture whats in front of it.
    This space is replicated by the speakers placement.
    The imaging is rock solid.
    The sound stage is limited only to the skill of the recording engineer.
    The speakers disappear.
    Standing waves are minimized.


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