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    In France we have a company called WhyNot Cables run by Nathalie Fougues. Her cables (with active shielding) are widely considered by french audiophiles as the very best regardless of the budget. When they appear on the S/H market they are usualy sold within 2-3 days. In my system (A645 + MA1 + MP1) I’m using her power and speakers cables and they are realy excellent. My XLR cables are inexpensive Mogami cables recommended by Ralph which are also very good. Another brand I would recommend is Fadelart cables, very popular in Germany (still it’s a french brand). Mr. Fadel was obsessed with Quad and Sound Lab speakers. His “coherence 2” cables were specificaly made for Sound Lab speakers. However they are (much) more expensive compared to WhyNot and I’m not sure that they are acutaly better than WhyNot cables. If you choose one of these companies you can’t get wrong. Finaly there’s Mr. Reza under SASU TMC company who makes active interconnects and power regenerators. These are quite expensive but also worth every €€€.