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    Yes, as of right now I am using the Deqx for the preamp. I have a very heavily modified tube preamp I’d like to add back in at some point. I like the “distortion” of tube.

    I wondered about the hit in SQ also, but when you have these filters adjusting for room gain and also correcting the speakers whatever penalty that could be there…I can’t hear it.

    I’m not home now, when I am I will look at what I’m using for hpf. There is a program that goes along with the Deqx unit and you can have pretty much anything you’d like.

    I’ve not had the time to fully mess with it and the learning curve is steep. You can hire a person who is a representative and they via remote zoom etc… tune the system in real time with you.

    You’ll need a mic, which I bought. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it sounds with my rudimentary configuration.