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    Good question.
    When I started trying to integrate my subs, I just used the sub’s own controls for Vol, Phase, Crossover Freq and Slope and the OmniMic’s Frequency Response chart as my measurement of winning or losing. I called this the Bronze level of integration.

    Later on I bought a Bryston Crossover unit with 6/12/18dB slopes and various hard wired frequencies to high- or low-pass the mains and subs respectively. This was a step up over the Bronze level in terms of clarity and became my Silver level.

    Then I bought an 8 channel DAC by exaSound and used it with JRiver to provide speaker level adjustments and relied upon JRiver’s DSP to implement parametric EQ to flatten out the frequency response curve but it lacked time alignment precision. This was another quality step up and was my Gold level.

    About a year or so ago I invested in Audiolense XO which generates FIR correction filters in both freq and time domains. Now even my main’s woofers and mids/tweeter were time aligned as well as both subs. The precision of time alignment has produced the best bass I have ever heard. This is my Platinum level.

    Now one might say relative to the Bronze level that “I can get my subs phase aligned with my mains at the crossover frequency” but without using impulse response measurements they are likely saying “yes, I’m in phase but 1 or more cycles behind the mains” resulting in bass sounding thick or slow or not quite in beat with the music from the mains. You need to be in phase AND cycle aligned.

    So, yes the subs are seamless and if you’re in the TORONTO area swing by and I’ll demo it for you …..