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    Hi Robert,

    I’s been a while since we’ve made contact. Things are going well. The
    Ultimate series uses a 3″ diameter steel tube except for the smaller
    U-545 which uses a 2″ diameter tube. In both cases, the thickness of
    the tube is about 1/8″. The tubes, as you would expect, are quite
    massive and have a mass resonance far below human perception. The tube
    is normally empty and is capped on both ends such that an acoustic wave
    cannot enter and resonate. We have some owners that have filled the
    tube with sand or other material to eliminate cavity resonance, but this is not necessary. Even at the highest audio levels the acoustic energy isn’t sufficient to penetrate the tubes and filling them makes no difference. I hope that this adequately answers your question.

    Hope all is well with you.
    Best regards,

    Sound Lab, Inc.