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    Someone asked the question why are the electronics in the box needed? Here was my response:

    The parts in the box are replacement for the cheaper components used in a standard interface. The original components fit on a little PC board. As you can see the parts I have replaced them with are much larger than what was in the original interface. They obviously do not fit on the plate and were also very expensive.

    Original Interface has Sandcast resistors
    – I used non-inductive wire wound high power resistors on ceramic (These are green colored)

    Original Interface has 24uf Capacitor
    – I used a PIO (Paper in Oil) 36uf 300V capacitor (This is silver colored)

    Original Interface has Brillance Control Potentiometer
    – I used 5 1 ohm discrete 50W metal film resistors in series (e.g. 5 ohms). Which was a little past center on the Brillance Control