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    To clarify—-by “struck out with CODA” I meant my post drew no comments from folks who had experience with their amps driving SL’s. However, I am grateful to those who chimed in afterwards. My post was intended to support development of a shortlist of amps to try with SL’s that I plan to order in the coming months as I reconfigure my system entirely around the big panels. This will be my final system and want to move methodically towards my audio ideal. Based on my research and multiple conversations with those with experience using SLs (of course Roger as well) I’ve narrowed down to the CODA 8M, the BHK 300’s, the Pass X600.8, the Luxman 10x, and the Benchmark ABH-2. I’ll use my Herron reference linestage for all but the Benchmark, BHK and Luxman, where I would use their matching preamp. Im open to additional thoughts and suggestions so please don’t hesitate to share a thought—-I am super appreciative of your expertise. I know many favor the Atmosphere tube amps but for various reasons I plan to stick with SS amplification.