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    Although I do not have a Coda amplifier I have used an Innersound ESL800 amplifier to drive my Soundlab A1s. The Innersound ESL800 monoblocks was made by Coda and has a similar amplifier architecture. They are high power (800 watts) and high current amplifiers. Personally, I like the sound. It is very neutral. Moreover, it can provide so much current that the impedance changes of a Soundlab speaker are a non-factor to this type of amplifier. The other amplifier I use are VTL MB450 monoblocks which is are tube amplifiers. Tubes do sound different than solid state so you would have to listen to see what you like better. For the record, my amplifiers are older but perform quite well. I don’t think you would go wrong with Coda as they are well respected amps.

    Hope this helps,