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    Have experienced pinnacle performance listening to Sound Labs in conjunction with Threshold’s WeberWire and Roger Skoff’s early generation XLO Signature Series interconnects. Threshold apparently had some incredible engineers and designers on its staff, who to put it humbly as i’m just an end-user, produced instruments that withstood the rigors of time and stellar implementation out in the field.

    WeberWire specs*:

    Cable Architecture: Ribbon configuration equivalent to 4 gauge
    Resistance: 0.00053 Ohm per linear foot
    Current Capacity: 100 amps rms, 500 amp peaks
    Capacitance: 0.2 nanoFarads per foot
    Velocity of Propagation: 3 nanoseconds per foot
    Signal transmission: DC to beyond 5 megaHertz

    *Information excerpted from Threshold WeberWire publication. WeberWorks, Inc., Threshold Corporation