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    Thanks for your comments TWB. Very nice systems by the way. Panel’s the size of Soundlabs are rare, having 2-different systems with them is rarer still, but quite wonderful indeed!!

    For my upstairs surround sound system I compromised by using Martin Logans. In my room, M/L’s smallest floor standers work nicely as sides and the larger panels work nicely as Left and Right. Seeing thorough them is also a plus. But now that the Bass Focus technology is providing smaller panels with comparable big panel sound, the aesthetics of a smaller footprint will probably be quite a bit more palatable.

    TWB, your U1’s (non Bass Focus) are obviously larger than the U545’s. I wonder what the sonic pluses would be (if any) if the U1’s (larger panel) had Bass Focus Technology and it were compared to (the same size speakers) U1’s without Bass Focus?

    I’m asking because I now have a larger room with higher ceilings and am considering replacing my M1PX’s with taller panels and am considering adding bass focus. Hence, I’m wonder what the comparison would be: i.e. same size (type) panels — one pair with Bass Focus the other pair without?