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    The City System is indeed in a much smaller room (13L X 17W x 8.5H), and that is what makes the 545’s work. I have heard them in a room that was too big, and they fell flat, not coming close to delivering what SL’s are capable of. Panel size vs Room size is critical.

    Another factor is power. The larger the panel, the more efficient they are, and thus need less power. MyUltimate-1PX panels were originally powered by Pass Lab X-260.8 (Class A/B) amps and did very well. When I installed the U-545’s in the city, I used a pair of Pass Lab 60.8 amp, and felt they needed more power. I swapped the 260.8’s with the 60.8’s, and everything fell into place. The 60.8’s are enough on the larger panels, and brought the qualities inherent in a pure Class A design, while the more than ample power of the 260.8’s brought the 545’s to life. I suspect that if I were ready to spend the $’s for more powerful Pass Lab XA amps (Class A) I would even be happier.

    Nonetheless, as a music lover, I am extremely happy with both systems. They have subtle differences which I will not try to describe in this post. Both have good dynamics, satisfying bass, and the ability to bring the soul of music (all genres) into my life.

    I should add, that the both systems incorporate extensive use of Stillpoints and Shunyata power products. A major focus on extremely clean power and vibration control has contributed greatly to the resolving power (and bass) of my systems. Attention to room acoustics is critical too. The quality of the source and preamp as well.

    In the end, everything matters!

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