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Massimo Stefanizzi

    I have never understood the reason why the ‘mid’ control has 3dB steps just like the ‘bass’ control. This is a gross error: the isophonic curves of Fletcher & Munson have shown that the human ear is much more sensitive in the midrange. Much more correct would be a control in 1dB steps.
    To be honest, I have never used the ‘mid’, but the one time I checked its operation I got indeed the impression that the control does not have as much emphasis or de-emphasis as claimed.

    Another thing that has always puzzled me is the fact that the frequency range is not stated.
    Finally, I have to add that, as much as the manufacturer’s effort to offer greater flexibility in the use of these loudspeakers that favours their placement in different listening environments is appreciable, the current offer of equalisation systems and dsp for room acoustic correction makes them superfluous.