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    Thank you all for your comments. The original setup with the speakers with them far from the back and sidewalls leads me to the conclusion that early reflections do reduce details. I have calculated that the focal point of the back sound waves is ~35″ behind the 745 speakers. As I cannot move the speakers further out from the back wall, I will need to use treatment on the back wall.
    I have REW software and calibrated test gear for measuring speakers in my room. I have attached a screenshot of the speaker response – left, right and both. Red trace is both and right is blue and left is green. The right speaker is far from the sidewall while the left is only a couple of feet away. The 80-90 Hz dip is due to the Allison “effect”. These measurements were made with the microphone vertical at the listening position (and using the vertical calibration file). Measurement is with 1/3 octave smoothing. Note that when the speakers are in phase the combined level is approximately +5dB and when the speakers are out of phase -4dB about 1300Hz.
    The Sallie’s info says they are effective at 250Hz and up. I have not found any technical info on the Apperature IIs – onlu subjective revierws.
    One interesting note is one els manufacturer claims the the sound stage width is widest with the speakers parallel to the back wall and the width decreases and the stage depth increases as the speakers are toed in.

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