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    TWB, You mentioned Shunyata power products. Are you using their power cables for your Soundlabs? If so, which ones?

    No, power cables to the backplates is the one area I have not treated.Perhaps this might be the next focus. Up to now, my belief has been it doesn’t matter as much as everything else, but I could surprise myself. The next frontier?

    Speaker cables in my country system are Teo, a unique liquid design which greatly improved things when I introduced them several years ago, but have not received my attention since. They are crazy expensive, probably worth it.

    The City system employs 15 year old moderately priced speaker cables by Skywire which do a very good job, but not necessarily SOTA.

    The Country system is in a much larger space with larger panels which results in a much larger soundstage which is delightful. The City system is more intimate. Both are similar in many ways and both are very pleasing; I can’t say one is better than the other. I plan to upgrade the Ultimate-1PX panels to the current sota Bass Focus panels in the near future, and suspect that may tilt the equation. However, I don’t expect the natural character both systems exhibit to change.

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