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    I see a unit between the speakers and don’t know what it is. Can you tell us all of your components in your system.

    Are you running the woofer pannels parallel with the main speaker as Dr. West has done with most of the other Speakers and Sub panels?

    Dr. West always said if you are using the 4 panels take the efficiency of the main speaker and add 6db to the sensitivity number. You should be getting I would guess about 95 DB now. With the berning amplifier, does it drive to great levels or is it limited. Does it have the follow through bass with that power of the Berning compared to a big unit with hundreds of watts?
    Your speaker curver reading of the speaker looks fine. I noticed it even has a “BBC” Dip.
    More well recorded YouTube videos would be greatly appreciated as very few ever get to hear a Soundlab with subs and especially in an open room.