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    Hello Earl,
    Thank you for asking the questions. I’ll respond briefly here now (more in 48 hrs) as I am actually in deep Japan cottage country with poor internet (actually delivery of a Sound Lab pair to customer)
    Between the speakers is the newest (in Beta release) DEQX Pre-8. Extraordinary advances with this machine.
    Yes, running in parallel with Berning but option to by-pass all controls (bass panels have freq cut-off, damping, level controls) with separate set of post.
    Berning amp only 60w/channel but over 95db SPL easily achieved and that is more than enough for me. But describing sensitivity for line source is never so simple and to say speakers have increased sensitivity from 90 to 95 is dependent on many factors. I also use Benchmarks (use 2 in mono) which is a LOT of watts, but almost no difference in ‘volume’ and the Bernings are just incredibly ‘alive’ and engaging – describe more on that later. videos coming soon!