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    “…just read about them on audiosciencereview and they were showing pretty great test results.”

    If “audiosciencereview” pronounces “pretty great results”, why the demo videos? In fact, why audition or demo at all? Just cull audiosciencerivew’s test results, put them in a spreadsheet, sort and prioritize on whatever are considered the best numbers and select your audio equipment accordingly! Forums like the SoundLabOwnersGroup were developed to share information, tips, tricks and listening experiences are worthless.😏 It’s the numbers, baby!! It’s the science of audiosciencereview.😉

    Being one to never trust my ears and always select audio equipment with my eyes rather than my ears; that’s also how I objectify my audio sessions; by continuously analyzing and admiring and savoring my spreadsheet’s test result numbers. Listening to music and being emotionally involved, is for objective science deniers. Thus, I’m a huge proponent of the numbers emanating from some individual’s untested test equipment and if they show “pretty great results”, there you go, I’m hooked, it’s a done deal!!😏

    Trust the science, not you ear/brain connection, not how you feel when listening to a symphony, or a song from your past!! The hundreds of human heuristic biases confound objectivity. They obscure the numbers and motivate us to draw erroneous conclusions.😏 How can cables make a difference? How can the last 6-feet coming out of an A/C outlet make a difference. Bits are bits and if they’re as perfect in and they were out, it all should be the same…blah…blah…blah!!

    Pardon my snarkiness, but I have an irritable, scornful, snarky visceral reaction to the test results are KING philosophy and the self-satisfied snarky BS emanating from PSEUDOsciencereveiw.

    At the outset of audio forums, the audio gang on forums were a pretty convivial, cordial informative bunch of folks, like the folks still are here!

    However, years later, a few folks apparently read a book and garnered some pseudo psychological knowledge and began pointing out the fallacies of everything we audiophiles fancied and discussed. Their motivation for being loud and in your face, was I suppose a method of protecting audiophiles from themselves, or more likely, the feeling these “protectors” derived from being right – i.e., it’s here, see, it’s right here on paper, you can’t be right because you can’t prove that you’re right, while I can prove I am…ad infinitum…sigh!!

    Measurements have been a part of the audio hobby since its inception as an electronic tinkerer’s playtime. There’s nothing new there. Measurements are good to know. But I’ve never, ever, made a component selection or purchase based on measurements, nor on an electrical engineer’s recommendations. I don’t listen to measurements; I’m not moved by measurements.

    I’m moved by what enters my ears and proceeds to get interpreted by my brain (for what it is). It’s my ears, my brain, my room and my experiences. I like what I like and more importantly, after decades of experimentation and auditioning, I know what I’m moved by and it ain’t audiosciencereview’s numbers nor the self-satisfied, self-congratulatory snarkiness expressed on PSEUDOsciencereview’s forum!! Rant over and out….👏🎈