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    The ceiling height in my room is just under 10ft (about 9’6″) or 114″.

    The audiophile trim speakers are 2.5″ taller than regular majestic trim (and an important point to note for sure!) This is because of the added frame wood. So the speaker are 105.5″.
    Therefore the clearance is about 8~9″ from the top of speakers to the ceiling.
    Photo attached I took with a bit more light – I think you can get the idea. I think visually with this kind of frame it looks better to have some ‘breathing space’ between the thicker frame and the ceiling rather than to have the speakers right up against ceiling – in that case I would rather have the Majestic trim (for example if my ceiling height were exactly 9′ it would look pretty jammed up). But that is just my opinion.

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