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    Hi Earl, well … I am unclear to what question I am answering except that it must be something to do with the bass panels as that is the title of this new topic?
    Let me start by attaching the impedance curve again (for full range) and a couple of photos.
    Bass panel backplate – looks like this (mine has 2 sets of posts to by-pass controls if preferred)
    Panel photo with arrows to show where I have marked tape to show the spacing on the vertical axis of cells – similar to full range panels for ‘bass focus’ and distributed resonance.

    I don’t have impedance curve just for bass panel, but it will vary depending on the control settings – which can be set up to 1000hz …as you can see the impedance is high at low frequencies and dips and then rises again to around 15ohms around 1000 hz.

    Thus keeping in mind this is not a ‘subwoofer’ that is dedicated to very low frequencies, it is instead additional energy to support the full range panel especially good to help larger rooms where there will be more bass cancellation.

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