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    Hi David,
    I’ll try to make some comments and hope they might help.
    First thing is (I guess you might know) is to be flexible and to try anything…little position changes make huge changes to sound stage, depth of imaging, perceived volume etc.
    Anything I say is just a suggestion…. and the bottom line, even more bottom than a ‘measurement’ , is how it sounds to you.

    The right speaker in the photo may be pointing to the open hallway behind… and I’m not sure why the TV is not centered (maybe you are concerned about the left wall?) Or I may be misunderstanding that you have 1 speaker in near field and the other back?
    Putting that aside for a moment, I just want to make sure you know how the sound converges at a point behind the speaker – and knowing this will help you starting thinking about what is going on. (sorry if you already know) If you can, please try standing behind the speaker and you will definitely notice sudden focus of sound energy at the convergence. The speaker as you know has 45 degree dispersion, that means there is a ‘phantom’ location behind the speaker from where the sound appears to originate.Keeping that in mind, if the wall is exactly where all the sound converges, you will have a strong refection of sound from one point. If the speaker is closer to the wall or farther away, you can deduce that the back wave is spreading or converging and depending on what’s behind the speaker (absorbing material, irregular objects, or flat wall) will help absorb or diffuse the sound.
    If you toe in the speaker and it is pointing towards the right hallway (for example), the convergence point might all be going into the hall and create unbalance with left speaker which has a wall that is reflective.
    If I have really missed what you wanted to hear, please let me know!
    Note: putting absorbing material at the point of convergence is a useful way to control the back wave – it doesn’t have to be a huge wide absorbing panel, because it is all at one point and easy to ‘catch’. How much you want to catch or leave ‘open’ is again up to everyone’s preference.

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