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John V

    I have heat treated the membrane on my pre-PX panels.

    My earlier panels had the Spandex grille material so
    heat treating the membrane without removing/pulling it back is
    easy, just be careful not to overheat the material because it can melt, ask me how I know.;))

    If the panels have the double knit material as current production panels currently use then I would pull the material back as Tom recommended.

    In my case I needed to treat the entire panel(U1) as the membrane had slackened overall.

    As to a suitable heat gun, I would suggest a Wagner Furno 500
    heat gun as it offers 12 heat settings. It allows you to dial just the amount of heat necessary to do the job.

    Couple of pointers:
    1. Try a low heat setting first, don’t want to melt the membrane.
    2. Keep the heat gun moving and probably at a distance of +/-
    4-5 inches from the membrane.
    3. Take your time, just be conservative with the amount of heat used.

    Good Luck, let us know what happens.