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    Hi John,

    I suspect that could be accomplished by attaching it to the backside of the existing pot. Which could be done with a high grade thermally conductive adhesive. Or even drilling the pot backplate for a 6 or 8/32. It definitely has the backside surface area. Or even attaching a standard TO-220 heatsink. I’ve inquired with the Vishay engineering team about audio signal usage. So we shall see what they have to say. They have to be way lower in L & C than the beefy circular wirewounds tracked by a carbon tooth. I was expecting around $30ish each. Looks like they are around for under $10.

    I did just take meter reading off the brilliance pots. And they are dirty with dropouts. But I suspect would survive a carbon tec flushing. So perhaps I’ll just flush them for now to get a closer bearing on where the happy setting is for this room.