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    Good idea John. On the brilliance resistors I’m still debating ordering fancy Vishays. So far the engineering inquiry to them has not been followed up on. Half the input resistor order just arrived. The 50w resistors look pretty good. Idk how the original resistors were able to conduct the required input power with such small leads. These should definitely be a improvement. So this weekend the plan is to rework the backside of the EQ taps. Which at a minimum need to be dismantled, decarbonized and resoldered. Plus revarnish the side of the xformer laminations. Which burnt off causing minor light surface rusting. The input connections were also cooked loose and need a good polishing prior to reassembly. I may devise a point to point layout and discard the fiberglass input boards. As it all really need a bit more breathing room. After measurements on the larger replacement resistors. It looks like the input resistance will rise slightly from 7.5ish to 8.2ish ohms. And from 80 to 100 watt in rated wattage. Until recently I didn’t realize that these smaller panels require higher drive than the larger models. I normally run a 260wpc SS amp on my moderately inefficient mains. After this discovery I’m not sure if it is up to this task. But we shall see in a week or so. I think I may mount the interfaces on some filter stock 3/16″ or so off the bottom. And perhaps devise a topside vent. As I suspect a slight chimney flow wouldn’t hurt.