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    Hey Fellas!

    Well here are the latest updates. The input circuit boards have been replaced with a tidy point2point install. I made solid copper heatsink/supports for the new power resistors. Which corrected the oem layout issues and really opened those resistors up to breath. I decided to stick with the oem 7 conductor twisted solid copper input wire. But paralleled a small silver stranded conductor to them. A few hours ago I got them back together and hooked up.

    One requires about 1/3 on the bias pot to obtain crackling. The other only around 1/5 and develops crackling along with popping. After applying audio it seems the 1/5 bias unit has a bit lower output than the other. Plus perhaps some panel issues. As u see moderate drive I can hear distortions and can see what appears to be a few areas where the membrane appears to be loose. So instead of HOS tonight I’m retreating back to the shop to pull the sock for a close inspection.

    Wish me luck as it seems I’m gonna need it.