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    I found cables with ICR (Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance) specs that my research suggests were appropriate for electrostatic speakers. I bought them from Signal Cable (

    I opted for SignalCable’s “most pricey” “Silver Resolution” pair. Beginning at $289 a pair, “pricey” they are, when compared to SignalCable’s lessor priced other 2-models. But compared to the market, they are pretty darn inexpensive.

    So far, without directly comparing the Silver Resolution’s to anything else and with my new Majestic 845 speakers which replaced a M1PX Soundlab pair, the SignalCables are sounding fantastic. When price is factored in…well, what’s not to like!?! And with a 30-day trial period, there is nothing to loose.

    The cables I compared the Silver Resolutions to memory-wise, were Synergistic Research wires. I had used them exclusively with my M1PX’s. However, before the Majestic 845’s arrived, the cables developed an intermittent short and hence, were unusable.

    The Synergistic cables I used were their “Absolute Reference Type 1 Speaker Wires (X2)”. They are approx.15 years old and were a used pair when I acquired them. Their original MSRP was around $6k. I wouldn’t pay anything like that for speaker cables in 2008, let alone now. But after I made a deal for a used pair of CAT JL3 monoblocks, the dealer threw-in the Synergistic wires, probably because they were only 1M in length and thus a difficult resale and perhaps because he had already made a profit when he sold the CAT’s & cables to their original owner.

    However, over the years, I did audition the Synergistic cables against some others. But, the results never caused me to switch-out the Synergistic wires. Over the years, the cables I auditioned the Synergistic “Absolute Reference” wires against were: Purist Audio Proteus Provectus, Straight Wire Expressivo, Magnan Signature and Kimber Bi-Focal.

    I do plan on trialing some much more expensive Nordost cables. I’m choosing Nordost because of my past experience with them, but primarily because Nordost is one of the few companies that publish their cable’s (ICR) electrical specifications. I wonder why that is? Yeah, I believe I have a clue! While I recognize that specifications alone, never fully tell the tale, specs would at least give us auditioning starting and comparing points.

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