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    chungjh, I have information to add to my above post. This information is pending Administrator approval. Why, I don’t know. Hopefully, the Admin will append what I submitted to this thread. If not, I assume they will give me the Ok to insert it….

    Since you mentioned them, I have had good luck with Synergistic interconnects. Formerly, I used them when I needed swtiching capabilities. Now, because I’m running a dCS Rossini DAC direct into Atma-sphere MA-1 monoblocks, I’m using cables furnished by Atma-sphere’s Ralph Karsten. As others have mentioned, Ralph believes if the connected equipment is “truly” balanced, differences in cables become quite minimal. Ralph’s cables were as inexpensive as the referenced SignalCables. My guess based on some of Ralph’s posts that I was able to find, is that the cables he provided were probably fabricated using some sort of studio-type cable like Mogami.

    At any rate, like my reasoning for purchasing the SignalCables, because of XLR interconnect cost, I thought they would be a great starting point for potential future auditioning. That is, not much to loose because they are such economical baselines.

    The bottom line is that I believe it is really difficult trying to source cables based by Manufacturer name alone. Because of equipment and room differences, trial and error — meaning auditioning — distinctly enters into the cable decision making equation.

    Hopefully after Admin approval, there will be more to follow….