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    To grg3939, cosmoman: Like you I switched as my taste in music evolved during this journey. I didn’t realize how much more darker sounding the MA1s were after auditioned other high powered tube mono blocs. MA1s had a palpable mid range and slightly quicker but Wolcott had a full bodied sound from top to bottom with a very relaxed pacing suitable for jazz quartet and voice. I still prefer the Wolcott as it conveyed emotion but Class D is, a little dry sounding at the top, more versatile and does the job for most musical passages. All my signal sources are still tubed. Not perfect but I think within the next few years class D will get there. My class Ds are Hephaestus Olympus mono blocs. I compared it to newer generation of class D like the highly reviewed Benchmark, not that much difference at all. I had Acoustic Imagery Atash also that worked well with SL but Hephaestus is smoother because of the MOSFETs at output. My first class D was Cherry mono blocs that smoked Pilinus, and other mid fi SS amps. For dollar to performance ratio, class D is way to go.