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    I replaced the bias supply of the back plate that blew the fuse. However, the Conrad Johnson Premier 12 amp (140W) monoblocks still refused to play. Thinking that there is a problem with the amp, I borrowed Brooklyn Amp, a class D 300 W amp and it played fine. So, I was convinced that something was wrong with Premier 12 and returned it. Because Conrad Johnson is near me, they lent me their LP140M, a newer 140W mono block. This time it made sound. However, I hear distortion at a normal volume. I am either clipping or overdriving, but I played at this volume before with X250.5 Pass Labs amp without problems.With my tiny room (9×11), I thought 140W would be sufficient,especially many SL users drive them with Atma-Sphere MA-1, which is also 140W. I am very puzzled. I know these Conrad Johnsons have no problem with large Mark Logans CLX. Is there something unusual with SL speakers compared to other ESLs?