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    Yes I am and do. The PS BHK preamp is relatively low gain and I had originally bought it to go into a system with a First Watt SIT 3 driving the Triton References. The SIT 3 is VERY low gain and it just did not work. I was basically running the SoundLab system with the phono preamp going through the MSB DAC, so basically no preamp, which gave me enough gain and sounded good. Paul from PS has aggressively espoused the concept that adding a preamp into this sort of system, even when you have enough gain, would improve the sound, which I took with a grain of salt. In any event, having the BHK preamp, I decided one day to try it in the system, and guess what? Paul was correct and it sounded great. I had also rolled the tubes in it and am currently using Bugle Boys. I also tried some 1950s long black plate RCAs which also sounded good. I find the Bugle Boys a little more transparent, and the RCAs a little warmer.