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    No, I did not upgrade the caps.

    On the toroid1, I did a series of updates close to the time, so I can’t really comment on the sound upgrade with the Toroid 1. I had experienced progressive improvements in bass extension, image depth and treble extension with all the updates. I am certain this update contributed to the performance enhancement.

    If you have not replaced the tweeter pot with a fixed resistor(ie. 4 ohm, 50 watt, non inductive), do it. Best bang for the I buck.

    A new regulated bias supply also made a difference, for some reason. It has greater output, and is ac voltage fluctuation independent. But, to my mind, it was an upgrade in overall sound performance. More of everything, so to speak.

    I would appreciate so details from you on the what the new caps upgrade are and where you soldered the in. What improvement did you hear with this change?