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    Hey TWB: Which model Pass amps are you using with each of your SoundLab models? Additionally it would be interesting and informative to hear your comments and sonic comparisons of the various Pass amp models you own and have auditioned.

    Originally, on the recommendation of Mark at Reno HiFi, I purchased a pair of Pass Lab X-260.8 Class A/B) for use with my U-1PXs. I was very pleased with the results; they did a great job, and never ran out of power. Later, I was setting up a small system with relatively efficient dynamic speakers in SF and decided to purchase a pair of Pass Lab XA-60.8 amps, since I had never owned a pure Class A amp before. I was ecstatic with the results. Then I replaced the speakers with a pair of Sound Lab U-545s and found that the XA-60.8 amps, while lovely at low levels, would distort when played loud in the higher octaves. So, I switched the 60.8s with the 260.8s from my country system. the 260.8s drove the U-545s well, and the 60.8s also did well, bringing the Class A quality to the larger, more efficient speakers. However, I do believe the U-1PX panels would benefit with more Class A power, and at some point in the future, I expect to move up, probably to the XA-200.8 amps. I have not done any auditioning of other choices. However, SLOGERS are invited to visit if they would like to hear mine.

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