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      Please see listing in “For Sale”

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      These panels (also offered in a subsequent posting) have been sold. Thus, this listing is no longer available. I am awaiting delivery of the new set of Bass Focus panels that will be placed in these Ultimate frames.

      Sound Lab is currently swamped with orders and running behind schedule. If you are thinking of ordering a new pair, I suggest you do so now and get on the waiting list!

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      I’m interested in your opinion in the bass focus panels when you get them. I too am waiting for my 90-degree A1 panels to get the bass focus upgrade.

      I am glad that the factory is “swamped” (because their success is ours too, as users of their excellent products) and it is great to hear all the support (sales) that’s being given to Dr. West and his excellent staff. Luckily, I was able to acquire a used pair of A3PX 45-degree speakers before I surrendered my A1’s with their original 1994 panels so I’m content to wait as long as required.

      I am surprised there is so little activity here. Where is everyone? Perhaps listening to their Sound Labs and living their lives.

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