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    TWB said: “but the bigger panels also go deeper and are more efficient, presenting an easier load for my Pass Lab XA-60.8 amplifiers. They no longer strain on higher loud notes, and handle bass with aplomb.”

    Tom, it is good to know that your new 845 panels with bass focus tech., are now being driven without strain on the “higher loud notes”.

    In a previous thread you said:
    “However, I do believe the U-1PX panels would benefit with more Class A power, and at some point in the future, I expect to move up, probably to the XA-200.8 amps.”

    Prior to your new findings about the XA60.8, I figured at a minimum, Pass XA160.8’s would be needed to come close to the levels provided by my Atma-sphere MA1’s. Is it now safe to assume that you will no longer be seeking more Pass Class “A” power with your new 845’s? If so and no additional power is needed to attain symphonic or rock levels, then it is great to know that high quality Class A power becomes much more economical.