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    Although I have had personal communications with ACHiPo about Class D amps and his experience with the Benchmark AHB-2’s, I wanted to thank him here, for bringing Class D amps to the SLOG gang’s attention.

    SoundLab’s and Class D amplifiers used together, hadn’t entered my mind until this thread. Although they have been around for years, for the cost, power consumption and weight, Class D amplifiers seem to now have entered into the high-end world with a fairly recent and big splash.

    If anyone has any experiences using Class D amps with SoundLab’s, please let the group know.

    Because of an electrostatic speaker’s amplification needs vs cones and domes, amplifiers have always been a hot discussion topic amongst us SoundLab owners. As such, I always appreciate amplifier discussions. This is especially true regarding everyone’s personal experiences with different amplifier brands, types, power-output etc. So, by all means give us all a shout-out regarding your amp experiences and comparisons, good bad, or otherwise…