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    Here is a review from Dagogo of the SL room at CAS9

    2019 CAS Report by Dave Radlauer

    Sound Lab Majestic 645 electrostatic speaker system, Room 5201.

    Local dealer Ultimate Audio offers a very simple and successful setup for the massive Sound Lab curved electrostatic panels. They behave quite well in the tiny hotel room, offering good imaging from almost every spot. Yet these elegant reproducers could easily fill a grand ballroom with full-range sound. Sound Lab revels in producing the distinctly lifelike presence and rich ambience that is only found in such a masterful, mature execution of panelspeaker technology.

    In the minimalist Sound Labs setup, highly transparent Bricasti Design solid-state electronics provided the streaming audio and amplification. Elegant Bricasti gear was also found in other good-sounding rooms.

    Statement products like this justify attending exhibitions, demonstrating what is possible in the audio arts far beyond what will ever be feasible for most of us. Yet, we can be vicariously thrilled at the level of aspiration and achievement — perhaps even folly –like that which once transported humanity to the Moon.

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