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    Have been trying different amplifiers to drive my M1s – a couple of McIntosh solid states and I ordered in a D-Sonic Class D

    Short story on the D-Sonic is that if I’d not heard the Macs first, I probably would have kept it. Lots of power for the price (800 watts 8 ohms $2000; 1500 watts for <$2500). My short take is it’s sort of “in your face.” I think we need to keep an eye on Class D amps, tho.

    Had some email traffic with Roger West asking about Class D and SLs. He doesn’t like them in general; thinks they aren’t engaging. Told me he thinks they will continue to improve, tho. Roger listens to two ABH2s. He used them as monoblocks. Spoke very highly of them. Says their frequency response is flat even at full power.

    Started looking on Hifishark for used ABH2s and, like Sound Lab speakers, they don’t show up very often; which I think says something about them.