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    I’ve always gone for maximum soundstage palpability, and over the years I’ve found that image depth increases in proportion to the distance of the A1s to the front wall. Currently they’re 11′ from the front wall. I’m lucky enough to now have a listening room 45’long, so low bass into the 20 hz region is reproduced very accurately. Also, the speakers have only a few degrees of toe-in, which also contributes to a wide and accurate soundstage. In the front corners are two Realtraps angled out at 45 degrees plus two more closely behind the speakers on the side walls that really helps with nulling out bass decay overhang. I’m also using RoomTunes (6 total) and CornerTunes — see the photo for positioning. And lets not forget the rug on the back wall which does a great job of scattering rear-wave highs. I know this all seems like overkill, but every piece of treatment plus speaker positioning are critical to getting to my goals.

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