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    @stakkallapelli: Thanks for your Class “D” amp experience. Although you didn’t mention the amp’s manufacturer, it would be quite advantageous if you were to do so.

    Class “D” for its pluses (low: weight, heat, cost, power usage etc.) is intriguing. It would be an important find, if a Class “D” amp could be found that could complete with other highly revered amp types being used with SoundLabs, especially if the cost were considerably less. As such, additional pro/con experiences with various Class “D” amps & SoundLabs is greatly appreciated.

    In the interim however (especially at their price), it seems that a pair of Benchmark ABH-2’s — that “combine class-AB, and class-H topologies” — is a very good SoundLab choice. This is based on what other’s have said of their experiences and about Dr. West’s apparent Benchmark amp comments. Additionaly, @achipo’s very positive experiences with his Benchmark, vs Atma-sphere amp combo, adds another tick in the Benchmark column, if one prefers solid state rather than tubes.