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    Hello All,

    I posted this message on Audiogon this morning thanking Warren at for his help in tuning my VTV HYPEX based N2K monos (with Weiss op-amps).

    The HYPEX N2K exerts AMAZING control over my Ultimate 1’s with upgraded PX panels and is still VERY musical and engaging. The bass is STUNNING. 🙂


    Good Morning Fellow Audiophiles!

    In the season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to stop and share my incredibly positive experience with VTV Amplifiers ( and Warren Coleman in particular.

    While I absolutely love my Sound Lab Ultimate 1 PX’s, they are, in many ways, “a speaker in search of an amplifier”!!! 😉

    After doing a great deal of research, I elected to contact Warren at VTV in order to explore the HYPEX N2K amps, hoping to find something that could offer both musicality AND the brute force necessary to command control over the startling low-frequency reproduction of which these amazing electrostatic loudspeaker’s are capable (if one can overcome their >30 ohm impedance in sub-bass region)!!

    Warren was very generous in speaking with me over the phone in advance of the purchase. He walked me through the potential pros and cons of the various amplifiers he offers and counseled me concerning op-amp selection to optimize the performance of his amps in my particular system (and to my particular tastes!)

    Purchase was seamless through their website and communication excellent. The amplifiers arrived SOONER than promised. They were carefully packaged to insure a “safe ride” (despite UPS 😂).

    The build quality of the amplifiers was excellent. There were no cosmetic issues either.

    In my experience, all class D amplifiers take time to run in, and these were no exception. However as the units “matured” I was rewarded with lovely, musical sound and a degree of command over the notoriously difficult to drive Sound Lab Ultimate 1 I have never before experienced.

    But, I am an audiophile. 😁 So, I had “nits” to pick with the transparency of the sound. Once again, Warren corresponded with me (virtually in real time, and always promptly) to address these concerns, even sending alternative op amps for me to install and try to “dial in the sound”.

    In short, I could absolutely not be any happier with my experience as a customer of VTV Amplifiers. It turns out Warren has a Nashville connection, and I am hopeful he and I will meet in person when he next travels this direction.

    HIGHEST, unqualified recommendation, period. But Sound Lab Owners should pay especially close attention!


    P.S. AND NO, I HAVE NO PERSONAL or BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP with Warren or VTV. I’m simply old school and appreciate people who are passionate and care about their customers!