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    Your experience with various Sound Lab’s and amplifiers and amplifier types is extensive. It’s great that you’ve found a Class D amp that marries favorably with your U1/PX’s, when compared with your previous experiences.

    From those amps you listed and then arriving at the VTV’s and never hearing the “ESL’s…sound like this” is quite a testament.

    The VTV’s pros seem to be “grip” and “dynamics”. How are other factors like soundstage, imaging, harmonics etc? Are there any areas that the VTV’s don’t do as well as you would like – i.e., are there any sonic areas that could be a bit better, when compared to your previous amp trials and experiences?

    Thanks for citing the specific amps you settled upon, the: “VTV’s are the N2K monoblocks with VTV custom input buffer and Weiss op-amps”. And by all means, if you have additional noteworthy experiences (pro & con) with the VTV’s or other amps, letting the gang here know of them, would be appreciated.

    BTW, do your U1/PX’s have the latest Consummate transformers/backplates, or the previous ones?