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    Your experience with various Sound Lab’s and amplifiers and amplifier types is extensive. It’s great that you’ve found a Class D amp that marries favorably with your U1/PX’s, when compared with your previous experiences.

    From those amps you listed and then arriving at the VTV’s and never hearing the “ESL’s…sound like this” is quite a testament.

    The VTV’s pros seem to be “grip” and “dynamics”. How are other factors like soundstage, imaging, harmonics etc?

    >>>>>>>>>>>They “lead” with dynamics and grip but are no slouches in other areas. The soundstage is enormous. The images are very good, with distinct outlines/edges/boundaries, but are bested in “density” by amps such as the VTL and Fouriers. Harmonics are excellent for a SS state amp, but the tube amps still have a VERY slight edge.

    Are there any areas that the VTV’s don’t do as well as you would like – i.e., are there any sonic areas that could be a bit better, when compared to your previous amp trials and experiences?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>See above. The biggest shortcoming is in transparency. BUT on the whole they are a fantastic compromise/balance of virtues in my large (24.5 x 22.5 x 9′ room).

    Thanks for citing the specific amps you settled upon, the: “VTV’s are the N2K monoblocks with VTV custom input buffer and Weiss op-amps”. And by all means, if you have additional noteworthy experiences (pro & con) with the VTV’s or other amps, letting the gang here know of them, would be appreciated.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>You see my enthusiasm is real! 🙂

    BTW, do your U1/PX’s have the latest Consummate transformers/backplates, or the previous ones?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>My backplates are the “older” version with T1 but no “Hot Rod” upgrade.