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    Thanks much for all the input.

    Ive given considerable thought to the crate route, but was hoping someone had experience/success with using a mover with “white glove” service where the owner points to them and mover takes it from there. He’s an older guy and I’m trying to make this easy on his end. Just the crate for a panel is about 100 pounds, plus the panel is about 100#(?). Probably need to get on the horn and talk to some big interstate movers. I’m sure furniture movers have dealt with antiques and such delicate items plenty of times.

    Also, a clarification—they are not A-3PX but actually M-3PX. I could not find a single piece of info on the M, so was using specs from an old ad for the A series version. Anyone know if the dimensional and weight info would be the same? Here is the A-3PX specs I found:

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