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        Thanks much for the both the Connie suggestion and “Craters and Freighters” tip. If I had the original crate plans, I’d be on the horn getting a quote pronto. Since one option was to make crates here and ship empty to the owner, probably cheaper to just make and send, but definitely worth comparing options. I have no clue what freight cost would be for empty boxes, but maybe enough to pay the premium for someone to build out that way. My friend lives in the middle of nowhere on the west coast, so this isn’t going to be cheap no matter what method is used. No big deal—I think the Soundlabs are going to be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

        I have another concern that probably should be put out there in another thread, but might as well ask here in case someone watching this has an answer:

        I understand that the panels use a high voltage bias. I looked carefully at the Soundlab web site and saw the panel diagram and description, but can’t get my arms around what the cross section looks like. My concern is possibility of our cat scaling up it and getting shocked, but can’t figure out if the electrical part is enough back from the front and back grill cloth to not be hit by a claw. I don’t anticipate this being an issue, but certainly a
        Possibility. If the cat could somehow hit the stator is that potentially lethal?

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          You could check out “Craters and Freighters” they will build custom crates on site for the item to be shipped – worth checking out.

          When shipped from the factory they are in plastic bags – so might be good to wrap them in film?


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            Suggest you call Sound Lab and talk to Connie. She helped me a great deal when I had my used M1s shipped to SL for repairs and then shipped to me. They have shipping deals with a number of LTL Carriers. Not much Connie hasn’t seen…

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              Thanks much for all the input.

              Ive given considerable thought to the crate route, but was hoping someone had experience/success with using a mover with “white glove” service where the owner points to them and mover takes it from there. He’s an older guy and I’m trying to make this easy on his end. Just the crate for a panel is about 100 pounds, plus the panel is about 100#(?). Probably need to get on the horn and talk to some big interstate movers. I’m sure furniture movers have dealt with antiques and such delicate items plenty of times.

              Also, a clarification—they are not A-3PX but actually M-3PX. I could not find a single piece of info on the M, so was using specs from an old ad for the A series version. Anyone know if the dimensional and weight info would be the same? Here is the A-3PX specs I found:

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              Massimo Stefanizzi

                @ charly

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                  Why not have Sound Lab build you a pair of Crates like they originally did. Have Sound Lab ship the empty crates to the seller.

                  They could box them up and ship speakers and crates to buyer.

                  Would not be cheap, but would be doable.

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                    Having LARGE, somewhat-fragile things shipped is always a problem, and I wish you well.

                    I bought a pair of Vandersteen Model 7 Mk.IIs that were cartonless in New Jersey last year and ended up flying there wiht my daughter, renting an CUV, wrapping and loading each into the vehicle, adding the crated poweramps, and driving all that 2500 miles to Phoenix.. This is not a suggestion that you do this, only an obvservation that we audiofools sometimes go to great lengths to achieve what we want.

                    Have you checked with a furniture mover? One might be able to wrap them in enough furniture pads to transport them unscathed.

                    In any event, I wish you success.

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                      I’m trying to get a pair of Soundlab A-3PX shipped from the west coast to Chicago are without shipping crates. Anyone had any experience in this situation? If the speakers were here, I could have some crates built, but not feasible on the west coast departure end. To avoid making crates here and shipping them freight and then back here, I’m looking for a “white glove” service to transport them. I don’t want the sender to do anything beyond dissemble and point to them and have shipping service take it from there. I have heard that others may have used piano mover, but no details.

                      Anybody faced this situation before? If not, any suggestions would be welcomed.

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