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    “John V”, Thanks for the “male-female extension with inline switch” Amazon link. Did you do a test to see if the in-line switch made any noticeable differences?

    Having spine and hip issues, bending over to plug/unplug etc., is very difficult. Hence, my thought of using a WiFi plug. However, doing so may be of no value. Because as some here have stated (including Dr. West), there is no downside to leaving the speakers plugged-in 24/7. But, if I’m NOT going to use the speakers for an extended period, I often felt that they should be de-powered – with “felt” being the key word.

    “D10”, logically, I agree that heavy gauge (&/or audiophile) power cables shouldn’t make a difference with SL’s. In fact, Dr. West has said the same from a pure power requirement perspective, as you suggested. However, the miles of power lines, transformers before the line into the house is oftentimes used to site “non-sense” for utilizing a special ~6-foot cable from the wall to equipment, or using special mains receptacles. Which is similar to the bits-is-bits argument when it comes to USB cables, Ethernet cables and all other hardware in the streaming/computer audio chain – i.e. they shouldn’t make a difference, as long as bits-are-bits. But I’ve found that they, power cables, receptacles, dedicated lines do make differences. Are the differences sufficient to spend $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars, well therein lies the dilemma and question?

    Line noise is a different matter than current carrying. As I initially mentioned, some Soundlab owners have posited that cables can modify line noise (into and out-of the speakers) and improve sonics. Some cable manufactures specifically design cables for digital and other sensitive equipment for that purpose. Whether they work and would do anything to improve Soundlabs is the question for which I would love to have others experience and input. Especially as I mentioned in my case, auditioning items like power cords — where bending is involved — is very difficult and painful.