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        If all OK after a few minutes then can slowly increase bias per manual. If you hear loud arcing sounds anywhere and/or smell burning then immediately unplug ftom AC.

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          Set the bias all the way down (counter-clockwise in newer models … probably same in older ones but not sure) before plugging into AC.

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            ‘Morning, all!
            History- had a pair of JZ Z-30’s and a pair of Z-40’s while in and after grad school (late ’70’s- mid ’90’s). Then found a pair of R-1’s (panels went bad after a year). So I bought a pair of Pristine 3’s and a pair of Aura’s in the very early 2000’s. I’ve never powered up either- townhome proximity issues. I have a SFR now and ready to set up my system.
            Now- I have a Sunfire 600 Signature II for power and upgraded the speaker, interconnect and power cables for the SL’s and amp. I’m about to power up the speakers and would like input from the group as to how best to do his without risking damage.
            1. Is there a particular setting on the plates that is best?
            2. Is there a warm-up period before introducing the amplified signal?
            Thanks in advance for any guidance.
            Bob in Atlanta

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